Increase your Twitter followers!

Increase your Twitter followers!

I don’t know about you, but I was a newbie to Twitter just a few months ago. Yes, I may have signed up awhile ago but hardly ever even signed on. I would check on the few friends that I would follow every once in awhile but nothing serious at all. I started running social media campaigns for a large retail department store a couple years ago, by accident I must admit. I was hating my job and was beyond excited to take on a new opportunity so I jumped right on board when offered the new position. I didn’t know much about social media besides the time I spent sharing pictures on Facebook with my friends. Within the last year, social media has become huge. I decided to embrace that, I spread the word that I was running social media campaigns and got a few new clients. By October of 2011 I had 6 companies that I was running their social media campaigns completely. I realized it was time to really get into this social media “thing” I was doing. The first place I looked was Twitter. I started following social media, PR, marketing coaches, entrepreneurs … basically anyone who had been where I wanted to go with my new “thing”. I found out that there was so many great, experienced minds on Twitter that gave me wonderful insight and information for FREE! Now a few months later, I am very actively engaged (borderline obsessed) with Twitter – who I am following and who is following me. I can’t stop reading the super useful blogs and articles from great social media minds. I found one blog that I love and must admit his advice is beyond useful as I am always looking for help. If you are a company or just looking for personal branding, here is a great read to help you build your followers. My biggest lesson in these past few months has been FOLLOW BACK and RETWEET! Retweeting is like giving Twitter praise, it makes people feel good. I know this info helped me, hope it helps you!


Follow me on Twitter @adominiquen. I tweet social media info, fashion (partly my obsession, partly because the retail client I do social media for), and a little personal life.


6 thoughts on “Increase your Twitter followers!

  1. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading the article and I believe it will definitely help businesses who are striving to get more followers on Twitter. I am a college student and will definitely keep this in mind as I enter the work force.

  2. I read the post you linked to (“How I Gained 53,000 Twitter Followers…”).. pretty good. I would also recommend a tool that I’ve been using through called “Tweet Adder”. You can google it, it costs a bit of money, but it’s really good at automating things like unfollowing people that don’t follow you (due to the 2000 limit) and retweeting key influencers, etc.

    Hope this helps!

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