Pinterest! Sharing is caring in this how to on the new social media network.

I know I am obsessed and I know my friends are hooked on the newest social media network to gain momentum – Pinterest. This amazing new site gives the scrapbooker in me a neater way to organize ideas. The basic concept is to create boards with pictures from everywhere online that interest you; from fashion ideas, recipes, SHOES (my personal favorite), home decor, and much more. Pinterest allows the most creative to share or the “borrower” to make a house look like a home and find the perfect red velvet cake recipe that everyone will swoon over.
I must admit, the best part is you don’t have to hear the complaints of people (cough … Facebook status updates) when they have a bad day. It never fails, I get inspired to do art, shop, paint a room, or bake whenever I log on to Pinterest. The creators definitely hit a home run with this site, if you are new to Pinterest or interested in what it is this link will explain it perfectly. Or if you need an invite let me know, that’s how I got started.

Happy Pinning my friends!


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