The Bergoglios react to having a pope in the family

As one of my favorite cities in the world, I must say I am very pleased that the new Pope is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. South America is so strong in their Catholic beliefs, I attended Mass in Buenos Aires while I was living there & it was always a good service to attend. God bless Pope Francis.

NBC Latino

Many were shocked by the election of the first Latin American pope, including his family.

Pope Francis’ sister, María Elena Bergoglio, who resides in Ituzaingo, a suburb of Buenos Aires, said she felt speechless and blessed upon hearing the announcement.

“I watched the announcement with an absolute calm,” María Elena told La Nacion in her native Spanish. “I was convinced that it wasn’t going to be my brother, and when it was announced, it was surprising, there are no words. It’s something that floored me.”

Pope Francis was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio into a humble family of five children in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 17, 1936. His parents were Italian immigrants — his father, José Mario Francisco Bergoglio, was a railway worker, and his mother, a housewife.  A nephew of the pope, José Luis Bergoglio, is also a Jesuit priest.

His sister also said, from what she knew…

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