All the new things … 2014

Hi all! 

So it has a been awhile, again I dropped off the blog world. This past year I have continued my work in a fashion retail as well as social media/ business. My very newest life happening is I am now engaged to the love of my life! My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years and as much as we may have talked about it here and there, I was definitely soooooo surprised that it actually did happen. Plus, I must say he did a GOOD job on designing the ring! I LOVE it! So now I know I will be adding some wedding stuff on here since I know I will be following way too many bridal/ wedding blogs. 
I am now doing personal styling for customers in Los Angeles. I love it! I get to use my obsession of all things fashion for a job … what could be better!? So be prepared for more fashion inspiration on here too.

That seems to be everything in as little a post as I could do. 

Make sure you follow me on Twitter @adominiqen 

Hope you all have a great, productive week! 


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