All the new things – 2015

Loving life! As my few followers know, I pop up on my blog once in awhile to catch up and then don’t come back again for months. As much as I could say “I’m so busy”; I always say if you really want to do it, you will find the time. Now as I sit planning a wedding, 6 months into a new job – there is nothing more I want to do than SHARE!

I started working at lululemon athletica this past October. It has been a very welcome change and I haven’t been happier with my job choice in a long time. As obsessed with “fashion” as I was, I wanted to get out of the retail side because the environment was just not working for me any more. A friend suggested I check out a new store opening for lululemon athletica near my house. I have always LOVED their pants of course and was very interested. I applied, interviewed with 3 different people, and GOT IT! We opened the new location in December and it has been amazing. I have learned so much in the short time I have been with the company and not to mention I get to sweat it out all week long, which I LOVE. It fits my life so much, there is nothing better than #worklifebalance. It has brought me back to yoga, Pilates, and running. All things that I missed and now I can’t imagine a week without it. Even my fiancé noticed the difference in my attitude and everyday smiling (He may also love that I’m home every day early enough to make dinner for him). So now back to the yogi life =) ooooommmmmmm

For my wedding planning update, we did a long engagement because we decided to have our wedding in Florence, Italy. Some say destination wedding, but my fiancé has so much family there that I haven’t felt like so much “destination” as just another city. I didn’t want a wedding planner initially, but once we set it there I immediately started researching wedding planners in Italy to help me. So far, my wedding planner has been AMAZING. So helpful and quick to answer my million questions. Now, 11 months out – things are getting serious. We recently started the process for the pre-marriage steps at our local Catholic parish since we will be doing a Catholic ceremony in Italy and need to get it all done before we go. I’m excited for it now, I feel like it will really build our relationship into a strong marriage.

So until the next post …. ciao!


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