Love happens

me & him
me & him

Little girls always dream of their wedding and I couldn’t be more excited to plan mine. I met a handsome stud of a guy who somehow fell in love with my nerdy little self. When I went to Italy 8 years ago, I dreamt of having some fairy tale wedding in so many of the beautiful places I saw. Little did I know I would meet a guy a couple months after my travels who was born in Florence AND has now turned into my best friend. Now we are planning a wedding in Florence, Italy. So, easy to say that my dream wedding is really coming true.

I’m a big planner so I was definitely nervous to plan a huge day without even being there in person. I did my research and we hired a wedding planner immediately. She has been amazing! I ask 20 million questions and she is always so quick to respond. We are having a Catholic ceremony and a small dinner of 50 people. I can’t wait for an intimate, romantic night where we will focus on us and our closest family and friends.

If anyone is looking to plan a wedding in Italy, I would already recommend using Just Get Married for their wedding planning services. I will keep you all updated but everything has been perfect so far.

Now, for the Catholic ceremony … we just recently started all our pre-cana process. We met with our local parish here in California since we will need to complete everything and send before we go over to Italy. We had our first meeting with our Priest last Friday. I was a little nervous since I read so many different things on what to expect; lesson learned – don’t read other people’s experiences. It was such an easy meeting with the Priest! We were only there about 35 minutes, and he really was just getting to know us – individually and as a couple. It made me so relaxed and ready to take on this process with my fiancé.

I feel like I have tried on a good amount of dresses and still haven’t found ‘the ONE’. Everyone says; when you know, you know. So far I guess I don’t know. There are two Allure Bridal dresses I can’t get out of my head so I’m pretty sure I need to go check those out again to make my final decision. Any suggestions on how to decide? Of course, Pinterest makes it easy to find so many styles and hard at the same time because there are SOOOO many different styles. We’ll see what the final decision is. Updates to come … ciao!

Wedding countdown = 11 months


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